Ends on July 1, 2018

This is an open submissions call. Burning Eye Books are looking to publish pamphlets for THREE UK poets over the age of 25*, who are BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) writers and who have not previously published a collection.** The competition will be judged by Burning Eye poet Shagtufta K Iqbal.

*if you are 25 before December 31st 2018 you are eligible to submit.

** if you have self published a collection that DOES NOT have an ISBN, or any contract with another publishers, you can apply, but please only submit NEW WORK for consideration.

This call is for poetry pamphlets for publication between March and December 2019. Successful poets will be offered the usual Burning Eye publishing deal which includes:
* The ability to purchase copies of your book to sell yourself at a 60% discount off the normal retail price (e.g. for a £10 retail book you pay £4).
* Book trade sales and distribution via Inpress (our sales agents) and NBN International (our distributor) in the UK and as a POD (Print-On-Demand) title for the USA, Canada, Australia & NZ, Europe and the rest of the world via Ingram Industries. This includes your book being available through NBN or Ingram to online retailers (Amazon etc).
* Your book sold via the Burning Eye online store and Inpress web site.
* Royalties accrued for trade and web sales that will either be paid in cash or can used as credit against book purchases at a rate of 10% of net receipts (this means 10% of all money we receive for sales of your book).

Please submit your proposal ONLY via this form which is private and ONLY available via the web link provided. DO NOT go direct to the Burning Eye submittable page or submit in error using the BX3 form. No submissions made via the BX3 form will be considered for the Burning Eye list - this is a separate imprint with a different process. If in doubt email us at submissions@burningeye.co.uk

A NOTE ON QUOTING: Please do not quote copyrighted works in your manuscript. This includes those neat quotes at the beginning of a book. It is increasingly the case that other publishers will demand payment for even a few words so please avoid this e.g. Faber & Faber have a minimum fee of £100.  As for song lyrics. DO NOT EVER QUOTE SONG LYRICS. Apologies for the shouty caps but quoting song lyrics is a much litigated area of copyright law. We will ALWAYS need to get permission to quote even a small number words from a song. It can take 18 months to secure permission and the cost can destroy the viability of publishing a book. We have already lost too many days of our lives attempting to talk to various music publishers about this. Therefore we don't accept any submissions which contain quoted song lyrics. Leaving them in your submission will automatically result in it being rejected.

Please include ALL the following in your submission:

1. A current short biography. No more than 500 words.(This is mandatory)
2. A short description of your book / show / play / project. No more than 500 words.
3. A short summary of what activity you plan to sell the book or a project which the book will accompany e.g. an Edinburgh run, a tour of festivals, etc and any critical timing or dates.
4. 10 poems as a sample of your work. These can be poems you'd want to include in your book, or other examples (no previously published work).

5. Videos and audio: Please include at least one link to an audio or video file to accompany your submission.

Please put all five in ONE document in the above order.

Formatting: We can only accept MS Word (doc or docx), or ODT files (Open Office / Libre Office) for text. If there are visual elements you want us to see use PDF. We accept WAV. MP3 files as well. Please use the following formatting rules in preparing your document:

1. Set the page size to 133mm wide by 203mm tall. Set the margins left and right to 15mm and top and bottom to 10mm. This will aide you in seeing very roughly how your work will fit on book size pages. If you cannot fathom how to do this then set the page to A5 (NOT A4 - never A4 - how many A4 books have you read?).
2. Use these fonts: Palatino, Palatino Linotype or Times New Roman (listed in our order of preference. 10pt. Single spaced. No fancy fonts, colours or other formatting.  No headers. No footers. No page numbers.
3. We prefer poem titles in CAPITALS in the same size font & size. No bold. No underlining.
4. Poetry Punctuation:  Please use a consistent approach to punctuation. Either punctuate your poems using normal sentence rules (and that goes for capital letters as well) or don’t punctuate at all. It is a one way or the other rule. A poem with no punctuation other than a semi colon in line 7 looks amateur and lets the work down. On the subject of semi-colons either use them as the grammar police advise or don’t use them at all. Semi-colons are not poetic commas. Please also put page breaks between poems so that poems start at the top of a new page. Proper page breaks not a whole bunch of line returns. Sorry. That sounds pedantic but we are probably using different software to you and following the above guidelines will help your work arrive on our screens looking pretty much how it does on yours! This is to help us see your work in the best light and helps us concentrate on the writing rather than worry about whether the formatting is up the wall.

5. DO NOT include a contents page. 

Please please please do not send us your MS until it has been formatted correctly.

There is also a box for you to say anything else you want to tell us at this stage.

Our usual gender policy will apply in 2019. We aim for our list to have a minimum 50:50 F:M gender split but please advise if you do not identify as either - this is not a problem - we just like to respect people's wishes in how we address / describe them. The only thing we ask is that you are active as an poet/artist/writer in the UK.

On the subject of ethics, we have no tolerance for work that discriminates in any way whatsoever, even if for the sake of humour, in fact... especially if for the sake of humour. No sexism / genderism, trans-phobia / homophobia, racism, ablism. We take a dim view of apologists for sexual assault and rape. Keep this in mind. We live in times where you have to stand for what you stand for and we stand for dignity and equality for all.

This call is for PAMPHLETS ONLY. Pamphlets are 30 formatted pages of poems (which excludes all titles and contents pages - we mean JUST the poetry).

The three winning poets will be notified by the end of July 2018.

Good luck!

Thank you.

Bridget Hart & Clive Birnie
The Editorial Team
Burning Eye Books

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